People across the country are transforming local healthcare using a multi-stakeholder approach, but they are often doing so without the insights of their peers. To accelerate improvement in the value and quality of healthcare, local and state doers need a platform for focused collaboration, connection and sense-making.

HIINnovation is an online learning community for patient-focused healthcare professionals dedicated to promoting a culture of continuous improvement in healthcare in Iowa. We collaborate in putting healthcare providers (doctors, nurses and hospital executives) in a leadership position to drive clinical improvements and accelerate change. HIINnovation is open to everyone in the Iowa Healthcare Collaborative Hospital Engagement Network (HEN) to share information, ask questions, find resources and meet like-minded doers. Individuals and groups drive the activity here, and curated highlights from private communities on the are also shared here.

Our Goals

The goal of the HIINnovation is to connect individuals who seek to accelerate healthcare transformation change by sharing best practices, and inspire each other through shared goals, challenges, successes and collaboration.

About Healthdoers

This community space is hosted within the community ecosystem of The Healthdoers Network. Launched by the Network for Regional Health Improvement and funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the HealthDoers Network is an open, peer-to-peer forum to support individuals and organizations—the so-called “HealthDoers”—so that no one has to start from scratch. The foundation of the HealthDoers Network is the Open Community online platform – of which this community is one instance. The HealthDoers Network supports the Open Community, which is another instance of a community functioning on this platform, and is open for you to join should you wish.